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Am I?

One semester ago, arrived here and start new life (woouuw..). I started to enjoy my day here. I immediately felt comfortable with the hostel, cafe, classes, etc. My friends and I got used to listen and speak Malay. I set my schedule and target during here. One of them, join an organization. This organization already has good name, did many positive activities for society, etc. I had many things to get there. I already jointed some programs until at one day, I became member of the team. I was happy and tried to give my best. The team need a full commitment person. The team need an initiative member, active, and crazy as well. Some of my new friends there saw me as a calm girl and slightly passive. The others knew how I am but maybe they do not know that I can be as crazy as them, hehe…only my close friends know it.

Even I already there, I still felt something that is uncomfortable. I thought how to get it over and I wanted to undergo it well. However, suddenly something came and changed all. I don’t know, is it proper if I use ‘suddenly’?? Somehow, I decided for this new one. I got another responsibility. It needs full commitment as well. Moreover, my position there, is crucial. I thought, these two things, I cannot undergo it if only I quit one of the two. I tried to discuss it with my leader there. I said to her, I loved this team and I wanna do my best. I asked, have I resign or still there but just be a member with no specific duty. She was happy because I share it to her and said that I do not need to quit the team. When I asked about the presence at every meeting and other, she said that I can come if I can., confuse. I can’t catch their discussion because I couldn’t come at the last meeting. Where is my contribution there?? Can I?

seperti yang juga ditulis seorang teman di blognya


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