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Life is about choices. The quality of our life is based on how well we choose anything to do. Likewise, we have to decide and do everything as good as possible. Unless we will face anything bad.

Now, in this 21st, I must finish my study at university and I ought to plan my future. What will I do after my graduation? What kind of effort I will take to reach that plans?

I do not understand about my feeling. Sometimes, I feel that I am still a high school student who can  study and enjoy anything with my friends, join organizations, meetings, travelling, discussing, competitions, attend seminars and trainings, so forth. Suddenly, I become a university student, study at UNP and UUM. I think, I still want to enjoy my days at UUM, hectic with some activities, study, travelling, etc. I want to enjoy my daily like these 5 last years. But, it is impossible! I will be sad if suddenly I think of it!

Back to the reality. I am on the thesis days –if I can name it-. Still have to attend 3 classes, do many homeworks, prepare ‘something’, consultation with supervisors, and do my thesis. For two years ago, I have plan to continue my master, at least at my second campus. I want to be a lecturer after finish my master. From last year, I’ve discussed it with my parents. Ayah agreed but Ibu still hard to say ‘yes’ because actually she does not want her youngest children live far from her. She wants me to stay in Padang, close to her. I convinced her and eventually I got her ‘yes’.

These all are changed last two months. My parents want me to work in Padang and continue my study –for master- as well. Why work? I got chance to apply for a job at the company I did my internship. They support me to apply after graduated. Definitely, I thank God! However, I still want to study –at least- at UUM and prepare my self to be a lecturer.  I confused. I will do everything if I get approval from my parents. If they say ‘yes’, I will go. Now, for this plan to continue my study abroad, I did not get it.

Suddenly, I was surprised by a call from a manajer. He offered me for a position at his office. What should I say? I remember what Mom said to me, “many people outside look for a job, many people have to wait for long time to get a job. You have to be grateful because you have a chance. You have to take it!”. I also remember hadits : Ridhallaahi fii ridhal waalidain..

I have to prepare myself to do some tests. If Allah ridho, I will give my best for my future office, for sharia bank.


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