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Keinginan. Harapan. Impian. Cita-cita. Samakah? Berbeda.

Jika mempunyai harapan dan impian, selagi itu baik dan mulia, harus terus diusahakan agar tercapai. Selagi situasi dan kondisi saat kita bercita-cita itu masih memungkinkan untuk mencapainya.

Having passed those days, I still eager to continue my study –at least- at Malay. I realize, my mom will be sad if I study far –again-. However, the great opportunity is very close now. Actually, work at the working days and continue my study on the weekeend might be interesting but the chance and my eagerness  to continue at that U…


Looks smart if you teach something and you have experiences about it. You master for the theory and you have your practices and experiences on it.

Now, I’ll try to do my best based on what my parents want me to do. Ridhollaahi fii ridhol waalidain..


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