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I have two friends, I mean, the special two among others. Each friend has special thing, I think. So, how about these two?

We are not close exactly until now, actually. We do not meet every day. No routine call or chat even just for say hi. But, we ever do some activities together previously. We started some projects and finished it together. We made a great team. I saw it, I felt it. And, I’m sure they saw and felt it as well.

They gave me something confidence and I like. When I was down, they waited for me, they raised me up, they support, and they make sure everything’s ok for me. They also give their critics, suggestions, and anything important for me. When they got bad news about me, they tried to check and ask me to know the real one.

We have same paradigm for some cases. If we face any problem, we have same points of view. Sometimes, we share anything to make each other become perfect. I realize, each of us is not perfect but do something together make us perfect. And, one thing that I cannot deny is, these two friends can know and understand of every single respond and action I take even just winking of me.

I’m happy when I see them go anywhere and do anything together because I know they are closed, very closed. They need each other. They have the same preferences compared with me. I’m sincere if they are closed although I cannot close to them.

Each of them ever makes me angry and CRY! Good job for two of you. Whatever, I thank God because he gives them for me. I’m pleased with everything we did together. I’m glad to know them. Hmm, I badly miss to see them, chat, go somewhere, make projects. Ooh… hard to imagine it real!

This writing is for two of you. I cannot say it directly even we have the moment.  I’m really sure, you will read this post. I appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you for everything. I’m sorry I cannot give my best as friend for you.  I hope, Allah gives time for us to meet.

Three of us, for me it’s harmony!


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