I wanna share what I’ve known. Even just a little.

I have learned little about making questionnaire. It was very interesting, moreover, Mr. Sefnedi teached us, students of management dual degree (bachelor) program. We got more energy to study this subject (hehe). We made a simple questionnaire and we distributed that when we conducted a simple research about SERVQUAL (Parasuraman, V.A. Zeithalm., & Leonard, L. B (1991)) of some bank. We were divided into six groups with different kinds of bank.

So, to measure SERVQUAL, we must concern about TERRA: Tangible, Emphathy, Responsiveness, Reliability, Assurance. Tangibles (berwujud) is the facilities, tools, and technologies used by them (company).  Emphaty (empati) is about their caring, their attention to the customers. Responsiveness (daya tangkap) is about their respond to help customers solving customer’s problems. Reliability (keandalan) is about their consistency and their commitment in serving. Assurance (kepastian, jaminan) is about their ability making customer to trust them. From TERRA, we can process it into some questions. Mr. Sefnedi underlined, everybody can’t make questions without this form, because we can see customer satisfaction from TERRA. Based on his explanation, the founder on TERRA have studied this form for about 30 years. Wouw..awesome! We also can make ‘something’ to know, is the respondent serious? You can see the example, click Questionnaire

Finally, it just the simple one. My friends and I, at class, know a little about questionnaire because we studied SERVQUAL in marketing management I.

Guys, wanna give comment, add something?


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